The Pasta Shop - with a lil GLUTEN FREE PASTA

You already know how much we love the Pasta Shop in Denville, NJ… but now we have a new passion for them! GLUTEN FREE PASTA!!!! Lynn is gluten sensitive, so she tries to avoid it, while if the food is “worth it”, she’ll dig into full gluten and feel the effects later. Chef Tommy, told us about their gluten free pasta and how they make in daily in their restaurant, so Lynn had to give it a try. The only gluten free pasta they make is a bucatini… the spaghetti shaped pasta with a hole down the center. We all tasted Lynn’s bucatini bolognese and it has the same texture and mouth feel of a regular wheat pasta. it hit just the right spot.

We also had their fresh made mozzarella sticks, their squid ink pasta with spicy crab, and they had us try their lobster wtih gnocchi special…. it was all incredible and you can taste how fresh it is with every bite.