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el informal at the serras


our home away from home

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The chef’s counter

inf chef counter 2019.jpg

Amuse Bouche


Tomato infused toasts with Catalan Charcuterie and Olive-oil with Tomato pulp

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sea urchin for me, oyster for lynn

Fresh Sea Urchins came in this morning

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inf sea urchin close up 2019.jpg

Gnocchi with Black Truffles

Black truffles so Fresh they still had the dirt on them!

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inf chef action black truffle2019.jpg

That is not smoke under the dome but steam from the hot gnocchi

inf gnocci with dome 2019.jpg
inf gnocci dome removed 2019.jpg
inf black truffle gnocchi spooned 2019.jpg

lobster salad

Lobster Salad with Tartar sauce made with the Eggs of the Lobster and the White protein from the Claws when you cook them. Absolutely flawless.

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inf lobster salad closeup 2019.jpg
inf lobster salad 2019.jpg

Fried artichokes with parmesan

inf artichoke closeup 2019.jpg
inf artichoke 2019.jpg

Petite Pois with Iberian Pancetta and Grated Black Truffle

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Under development: Monkfish Wellington

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inf monkfish wellington cutting close up 2019.jpg
inf monkfish wellington on the board 2019.jpg

Incredible balance in this dish

inf monkfish wellington chef action 2019.jpg
inf monkfish wellington plated 2019.jpg

Squab with Foie Gras

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