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I’m Eric Eisenbud, a trained chef, retired restaurant owner, restaurant and food blogger, freelance photographer specializing in food and travel photography, and social media manager focused on small mom and pop restaurants.

I can be found almost every Wednesday at 8pm ET on my Facebook Live Cooking Show. Join my Facebook Group: The Grateful Chef with Eric Eisenbud

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You’ll also see/hear Lynn, she’s my girlfriend and partner. She’s the wind beneath my wings and I wouldn’t be doing this without her. She’s the director and FB Live camera woman and the unseen voice behind it all.


discovering what’s next!

The atmosphere here is “each one, teach one”

This is why I do what I inspire folks to not just cook, but cook with imagination and a spirit of adventure! A recipe is but a guideline....make it your own!

Let’s get busy in the kitchen! Through Live Streaming, photos and videos we will explore the vast and mighty world of cooking, together. We will do quick and easy, slow and challenging. We will discuss, ingredients, techniques, tools, tricks and always end up with something delicious!

Join us on our food journey taking it outside our kitchen to local restaurants and traveling the world.  Through words and pictures we want you to be able to almost taste the food and experience the wonders of how food brings people of all cultures together.