“Life is too short to eat crappy Ramen” — Eric Eisenbud

Ramen is NOT simply another Noodle soup...NO! 

Served in a deep bowl and within the confines of the vessel is the entire universe...hours and for the really authentic good Ramen, days in the making. Ramen is a lesson in Peace and harmony, balance and coexistence. A broth so rich that it could own a yacht and accoutrements added to the bowl with precision and purpose.

I can’t help but pause as sit hunched over the Ramen at Santouka @ Mitsua Market and reflect on the skill of the people who made this bowl of Umami possible. As is Japanese tradition, I sip the broth first and I am transported back to Tokyo and a smokey little Ramen shop where I had a bowl of a life changing rendition of my ultimate comfort food.

595 River Rd Edgewater NJ 07020 | M-SA 11a to 8:30p | Su 11a to 8p | Cash Only |

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