Thai - Somerville, Nj

January 2019

How fortunate am I to have not one, but two incredible Thai restaurants within striking distance from my house. You’ve “heard” me wax poetic about one of them, but this time I write about Kuay Tiew Noodles and More in Somerville, NJ. It was my second visit, it was a Monday night, it was 5:30 pm, it was 10 degrees and the place was hopping. The place is spotlessly clean and it’s BYOB. This statement alone should be enough for you to want to go, but as they say..TPIWWP (This post is worthless without pictures)

The Thai Vibe is palpable from the moment you walk through the door of this hipped up version of Authentic Thai Cuisine. It begins with the Thai greeting you receive from every single person under the employ of Chef/Owner Tana and from Tana himself....as if they are welcoming family into their grateful care. The decor is Minimalism meets reclaimed and upcycled building materials, used tastefully throughout the space so it doesn’t come off as reproduction Restoration Hardware meets HomeGoods.

We shared a pot of Hot Thai Tea that had hints of Vanilla and was perfect on a cold night like tonight. On to the food! Trust and believe you are getting Authentic Thai Cuisine at Kuay Tiew Noodles and More with a twist.


  • CRISPY PORK BUN - Steamed bun with crispy pork, topped with pickle red onions and carrots, fresh cucumber with honey hoisin and mayo spread. What sets this Bun apart from others that I’ve had is the Tonkastsu style breaded and fried pork Cutlet. It adds a wonderful texture to this popular street food.

  • CRISPY BABYBACK RIBS in Thai BBQ Sauce… Tender yet toothy with a sweet and savory BBQ sauce.

  • PAD SE EW - Sautéed flat noodles with Chines Broccoli and Beef | A common offering in Thai restaurants across the land and this one didn’t disappoint.

  • SPICY WILD BOAR - With Curry, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Garlic, Thai Green Peppercorns and Red Bell Pepper. The Wild Boar was tender and lent itself well to the bold flavors of this dish. I added extra heat via the two types of chili offered....in paste and powdered forms.

  • PB&J with Ice Cream - Delicate puffs filled with Americas favorite flavors! More times than not we skip dessert when we dine out, but hear me loud and clear....when Tana has the PB&J on the menu, you get it!

42 W Main Street, Somerville , New Jersey | (908)393 9555 | http://www.ktsomerville.com/

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