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Foodie Trip to Barcelona

—  Barcelona  —

What was once a foreign city to us, Barcelona now rolls off our tongues like we are mentioning our hometown. We were watching the Barcelona episode of a show on Netflix called “Somebody Feed Phil” and we knew we HAD to go. We made our first visit in September of 2017. We immediately fell, and fell hard in love with Barcelona, it’s food, it’s people, it’s weather, and it’s attitude towards food.

Wonderful friends have been made with the staff of our beloved Serras Hotel and both its restaurant Informal and its rooftop lounge El Sueno de Picasso. A friendship that is particularly special for this Chef is with Chef Danko Perkovic, the Executive Chef of Informal. It’s one of mutual admiration and professional respect.

Suffice it to say, Barcelona has become our home away from home.

El Sueno de Picasso - ROOFTOP AT THE SERRAS

Rooftop restaurant/lounge

Barrio Gotico, barcelona, spain


You know that moment when you know you’re on vacation… for us that’s when we get to the rooftop lounge and restaurant El Sueno. Right after check-in, we always head to The Serras Hotel rooftop for a visit with Alejandro, El Sueno’s very own mixologist, who creates the perfect fresh concoctions for an afternoon in the sunshine, overlooking Port Vell and the Mediterranean.

Passeig de Colom, 9. Hotel The Serras Barcelona, Spain 08000 (ROOFTOP) | +34 931 69 18 69 | facebook


informal at the Serras

Catalan, Mediterranean cuisine

Barrio Gotico, barcelona, spain


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Ok, pretty much the main reason we decided to flit off to Barcelona for a long weekend in February was to dine at Informal, under the direction of Chef Danko Perkovic and his BOH staff and to be pampered and well taken care of by Laura and her FOH staff. Danko’s style of cooking is without compromise. He can spend a year or more developing a recipe in order to make it perfect....and perfect his menu is. We always sit at the chef counter, overlooking the kitchen… it’s like watching an intricate ballet with Chef Danko in the lead position. Eating at Chef Danko’s table is always our first meal and our last meal of our visit… there’s always something new.

Carrer de la Plata 4 08002 - Barcelona – Spain | +34 931 691 869 | website


el chigre


el born/la ribera, barcelona, spain

MAY 2018, FEBRUARY 2019

This is another great place recommended for us; the food was fun and different than other tapas we’ve had. This place is in the middle of El Born and it has a cool rustic neighborhood vibe.

Carrer dels Sombrerers 7, Barcelona, Spain 08003 | +34 937 82 63 30 | website


BRUC 33 Tapas


eixample, barcelona, Spain

September 2017

This was a great walking by find… we were hungry, it had a great menu and lovely decor. This was worthy of the listing, even though the pictures are a bit limited. We’ll need to go back to check it out again.

Carrer del Bruc, 33, 08010 Barcelona, Spain | +34 931 65 16 16 |


vila viniteca

wine & cheese cafe & shop

Barrio Gotico, barcelona, spain

MAY 2018, FEBRUARY 2019

We stopped at Vila Viniteca at the recommendation of Hotel Serras GM, Antonio Bignone. This particular location is a quaint wine & cheese specialty shop with a built in cafe. We had a cheese sampling, where they shared a french blue cheese they had vacuum sealed with Riesling and aged for 4 months… this was such an amazing combination, I decided to run the same experiment at home. There’s also a great little bakery across the street that has a delicious Catalonia cream pastry…. YUM!

Carrer dels Agullers, 9, 08003 Barcelona, Spain | +34 933 10 19 56 |


la tasqueta de blai


El poble-sec, Barcelona, spain

february 2019

La Tasqueta de Blai was a lot of fun! The whole street, Carrer de Blai, is filled with Pintxo restaurants. We had a great afternoon with our friend Ximena and her kids. We sat outside where the whole street is closed to cars and is filled with restaurant seating and umbrellas to shade from the sun. The pintxo’s are individual small bites secured together with color coded food skewers; at the end of your meal the waiter counts the skewers to figure out your bill.

Carrer de Blai, 17, 08004 Barcelona | +34 931 73 05 61 website


Mercat de la Boqueria


las ramblas, barcelona, spain

September 2017, May 2018, february 2019

We love this market! While it is very touristic, it is amazing. There are a few stalls where they request no pictures… I get that since most of the folks visiting are taking pics and not buying. The fish is fresh and I love getting their shucked oysters that I can eat right there. There are also a few restaurants in the market, they are all good.

Rambla, 91 08001 Barcelona | +34 93 318 25 84 | website



Breakfast & brunch, cafe

EIAXAMPLE, Barcelona, spain

september 2017

This was a great little coffee shop we found near Renaissance Barcelona Hotel , in EIXAMPLE. We started our mornings here, the staff was lovely, the pastries were delicious and didn’t seem the same as every other coffee shop and my girlfriend Lynn thought the hot chocolate was outstanding. I was able to get my morning cortodo which made for the perfect start of the day.

Carrer Roger de Lluria, 51, 08009 Barcelona, Spain | +34 934 883 548 | Closed Sunday | facebook


El Nacional BCN

Seafood, Tapas Bars, Brasseries

eixample, barcelona, spain

September 2017

El Nacional BCN is a multi restaurant concept all in one gorgeous building. Think 5 star restaurant food court. We found ourselves at El Nacional BCN twice during our visit trying both their seafood area and steak. This place is a must go! It reminds me a bit of Eataly... 4 restaurants and 4 bars under one roof... we went to La Llatja for seafood and The Brasseria for some pretty awesome dry aged beef.


La LLatja

I was in search of percebes, which are precious & seasonal goose barnacles which are harvested by hand… we found them here! All the seafood is displayed at the counter like a fish market and sold by weight. We also had a seafood Fideua, think of it as a delicious pasta paella.

La Braseria

The scent of dry aged beef permeates the room… now this is a steak house! We selected our beef and watched them cook it over a wood fired grill. The meat had the true dry aged beefy flavor and as a side they served roasted peppers and baby white potatoes.

Passeig de Gràcia, 24 Bis, 08007 Barcelona, Spain | +(34) 93 518 50 53 | website


Taberna Mil Gritos


Barrio Gotico, barcelona, spain

September 2017

The pictures don’t do this tapas restaurant justice, I think we’ll need to go back again to update the pictures. Check out their website or just check out the restaurant when you’re in Barcelona.

Carrer comtal, 3 08002 Barcelona, Spain | +34 933 01 18 87 | website




el born/la ribera, barcelona, spain

May 2018

We happened upon this spot, while walking in El Born. It was a gorgeous day for people watching, we were able to get a table outside under the trees. They have a nice selection, everything was fresh and delicious. We need to stop back at Santagustina.

Plaza San Agusti Vell 9, esquina Portal Nou 1, Barcelona, Spain 08003 | +34 933 15 79 04 | facebook


Quillo Bar


el born/la ribera, BArcelona, Spain

September 2017

Tapas, Tapas, Tapas

Rec comtal, 2, 08003 Barcelona | +34 93 13 83 130 | webiste



* * two Michelin Star 2019 * *

Modern European, Mediterranean cuisine

L’antiga esquerra de I’eixample, barcelona, Spain

May 2018

OMG! The meal was amazing! Disfrutar was recommended by our friend Chef Danko, at Informal at The Serras Hotel. every recommendation he gave us has been stellar. Just like Chef Danko, the guys from Disfrutar also came from El Bulli (described in UK newspaper The Guardian as "the most imaginative generator of haute cuisine on the planet"). The creativity of these chefs is outstanding. The meal was filled with unexpected scents, tastes, and textures… think about this… as you look below, the red and green peppers aren’t peppers at all! I wish I had words to describe this meal.

C/VILLARROEL, 163, BARCELONA 08036 | RESERVATIONS: +34 933 48 68 96 | webiste



traditional spanish & Mediterranean cuisine with modern preparation

el raval, BArcelona, spain

september 2017

Before opening Suculent, Chef Toni Romero spent time at three, 3 Michelin Star restaurants; his resume and skill come through in the tasting menus he prepares at Suculent with the flavors of Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine. The menu is always changing based on the fresh and interesting ingredients he can find. We went with “Menu XL” which is an 8 part tasting menu. He kept most of the original appearance to the restaurant space, where they wanted to keep to its history. The menu was inspiring, while it was also a bit of a stretch for Lynn’s tastes; she tried everything, even the cock’s comb which was a bit too gelatinous for her. If you’re looking for something amazing and different, you’ll love this restaurant.

Rambla del Raval, 45 – 08001 Barcelona | +34 93 443 65 79 |


Teraza martinez

MEDITERRANEAN, seafood cuisine

Sants montjuic, BArcelona, spain

September 2017, May 2018, february 2019

Martinez Restaurant has an amazing view from on top of Parc de Montjuic. We go there for the paella, it has some of the best socarate for a large sized paella.

Carretera de Miramar, 38 · 08038 · Barcelona · Parc de Montjuïc | +34 93 106 60 52 |



breakfast & brunch, cocktail bar, American (Traditional)

Barrio Gotico, barcelona, spain

september 2017

We had a great English Brunch on our second morning in Barcelona. We sat at the bar, chatted with the staff, they were incredibly friendly where they shared a great suggestion on where to get jamon

Carrer d'en Gignàs, 21, 08002 Barcelona, Spain | +34 932 68 09 22 |



Lounges, Breakfast & Brunch, American (Traditional)/british

el raval, barcelona, spain

february 2019

This place has such a cool vibe! We walked there from The Serras Hotel, it was only about a 15 minute walk… it seemed further when we took a taxi to El Raval district. Their English breakfast was just what we needed. While we were there talking about how fantastic it was, I brought up Milk Restaurant, where we had brunch on our first visit to Barcelona; only to find out Milk and Marmalade are sister restaurants… We love them both.

Riera Alta 4-6, Barcelona 08001 Spain | +34 934 423 966  | 




LOS CARACOLES (MR) | spanish | GOTHIC QUARTER | Carrer dels Escudellers, 14, 08002 Barcelona | (+34) 933 012 041

Passadis del pep (MR) | Mediterranean, Seafood, Catalan | GOTHIC QUARTER | Pla de Palau 2 08003 Barcelona | (+34) 933 101 021


If you have any suggestions, please share them… THANKS EVERYONE!

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Barcelona is a beautiful city, filled with amazing architecture, beautiful beaches, amazing weather, lovely people, and food that transports us to a world of new flavors. Here’s a taste of Barcelona, beyond the restaurants

GERMANS GRACIA Charcutería Torres Amat

This is a great jamon, cheese, and wine shop that’s been around since 1960. We stopped in for a snack and picked some up to take back to our hotel… now I’m day dreaming of jamón