My daughter Sophie was thinking of moving to Seattle after graduation, so we took this opportunity for the three of us to visit and see if this would be a good place for her to land. During our first visit, she fell in love with Seattle, since we were there in June it had the ultimately perfect weather 78F and low humidity, not a cloud in the sky. The food was amazing, and there was always something going on. Sophie moved to Seattle 10 months later, she settled into a great apartment 2 blocks from Pikes Market. She started a job the day after she landed, doing Talent Acquisition for a recruiting company based in Seattle. Our goal is to visit a couple times a year, so I will keep adding to this post as we continue with each visit.

Pikes Market


downtown, Seattle, Washington

May 2017/ April 201

Storyville Coffee

Coffee Shop

Seattle, Washington

May 2017/ April 2018

As you travel you build a list of places that you yearn to return to...Storyville at Pike Place is one of those places. Our morning begins... Sophie's still sleeping. Storyville Coffee is tucked away on the third floor of Pike's Place Market. On our morning walk, we always pass the ridiculously long line at the original Starbucks, folks are lined up taking pictures. We breeze past them quickly to get to this peaceful spot in the middle of the touristic madness. As we finished our coffee and tea, sitting by the fire, the barista brought us water and suggested we stay a while longer just to chill

Loved their coffee so much, I now get freshly roasted coffee beans shipped to me bi-weekly… now I can brew it in my own home. If only I could get the recipe for this cinnamon roll!

How to Cook a Wolf

Italian Tapas/

Queen Anne, Seattle, Washington

April 2018

Outrageous, beautiful food! Chef Nicole Matson’s respectful treatment of ingredients shows with each bite

Tankard & Tun

seafood, gastropub

downtown, Seattle, Washington

April 2018

A friend messaged me that his cousin has a micro brewery and restaurant in Seattle. It’s just the most well know microbrewery in the city! I asked the waiter if they were there and he saw them as they were heading out. I caught them at the door and and they said cmon, we’ll pull up a chair and chat for a while. So they came to our table, sat down with us and it was just the perfect ending to a wonderful birthday visit to Seattle.

Marination Downtown Seattle

mexican korean fusion

downtown, Seattle, Washington

April 2018

Our first stop after our flight; our hotel room wasn’t ready, so we checked out what was right around the corner. We found this Korean/Mexican fusion fast food place. The line was out the door with eager eaters during their lunch break

Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar


Pioneer Square, Seattle, Washington

May 2017

We our quest to check out all the different neighborhoods, looking for an area of town Sophie wants to land in… we came across Pioneer Square with cool old buildings, with a slight east coast vibe

Pintxo Seattle

spanish tapas

belltown, seattle washington

april 2017



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